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10 of the best therapy dog breeds

15 Mar, 2023

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When dealing with physical and emotional challenges, therapy dogs have proven to be an invaluable resource. These specially trained dogs provide comfort, support, and unconditional love to those in need, making them ideal companions for people of all ages. Whether you're dealing with anxiety, depression, or simply need some extra companionship, therapy dogs can help improve your overall well-being. In this article, we'll take a closer look at ten of the best therapy dog breeds, discussing their unique personalities, temperaments, and why they make such great therapy animals. Join us as we explore the world of therapy dogs and discover the amazing benefits these furry friends can bring to your life.


#10 - Shih Tzu


Shih Tzu


These dogs are lovers and wouldn't hurt a fly. One would only expect friendliness from these outgoing little pups. They especially enjoy meeting new people, and they are persistent when it comes to making new friends. In addition, the Shih Tzu is known to show endless affection to their family and have a lively attitude that will make everyone around them happy. Their friendly and loving qualities make them excellent therapy dogs.

#9 - Bernese Mountain Dog


Bernese Mountain Dog


The Berner is a wonderful family dog that loves being with its people. They have a happy-go-lucky attitude that is sure to put you in a better mood whenever they are around. They often act in a goofy manner when they are around their family, which is humorous and certainly adds to their charm. The Berner is a highly affectionate dog that makes an unbelievable companion, and its presence is therapeutic to many.

#8 - Bichon Frise


Bichon Frise


The Bichon makes an exceptional family pet, and they will love all the attention they can get. They are super playful and are always happy to make new friends. This breed has such a happy nature that it is challenging to be in a bad mood when around them. They have a way of lightening up the air, and it is for this reason that they can also make excellent therapy dogs. 

#7 - Great Dane


Great Dane


Great Danes are known to have a charming, calm, and playful nature. They enjoy living with the family and making close bonds with their owners. These dogs are both immense and very protective of their owners, which results in their owners feeling very safe around them. This feeling of safety is very comforting for many people.  

#6 - Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


Cavalier King Charles Spaniel


This dog adores being with its people and will follow them from room to room. This breed is best known today as an excellent companion and therapy dog that will display endless amounts of affection toward its family. These dogs have a good sense for when their owners are not feeling their best and will shower them with tons of love.

#5 - Beagle




This compact hound dog is a happy, fun-loving pup. Beagles are very active companions packed with energy. Taking these dogs out of the house often and playing with them is therapeutic for many. They are friendly and social, making them excellent therapy dogs for children and active adults.

#4 - Newfoundland




This gentle giant is hard not to love. The Newfoundland is so sweet and friendly towards everyone they meet; they are Canadian, after all. This giant teddy bear makes a fantastic family pet and is comforting to be around. They are known for their calm and patient temperament, making them ideal therapy dogs for people with anxiety or PTSD.

#3 - Standard Poodle


Standard Poodle


Standard Poodles are gentle and intelligent, making them great therapy dogs for people with anxiety or PTSD. Poodles are highly trainable and love being given a task to do. Anything that you show them, they will remember. Poodles also have a goofy side and love to play with other dogs and their people.

#2 - Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retrievers are extremely friendly dogs and are the most popular breed in North America. Due to their gentle and nonaggressive nature, they make excellent family pets and are very well-behaved around young children. Most importantly of all, Labs make unbelievable assistance and guide dogs. Labs will often be seen helping those who are blind or have other disabilities. 

#1 - Golden Retriever


Golden Retriever


The Golden Retriever is ranked as the second most popular dog breed in the United States, and it is not without reason. These pups make lovely family pets and have a sweet nature. While they love meeting new people, the Golden is unconditionally loyal to their family and will always stick by your side. There are not many dogs that are as friendly and outgoing as the Golden, making them excellent therapy dogs as well. Their presence alone is comforting, and you will never feel alone with this doggo around.