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The 10 most energetic dog breeds

06 Mar, 2023

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We all know that dogs are known for their boundless energy and love of playtime, but some breeds take it to the next level. These breeds are all working dogs that need to run daily. These dogs would not be satisfied with a short walk around the block; they need to run intensely off-leash to feel their best. If these dogs fail to get their exercise, zoomies in the house will be a certainty, and your household items will not be safe! These dogs typically thrive at the dog park or in areas with plenty of space to run!


10 - English Springer Spaniel


English Springer Spaniel Dog


The English Springer Spaniel was bred to be a hunting dog. Their purpose was to flush or “spring” game into the field to allow hunters to have a clear shot. This breed is athletic, versatile, and very energetic.

9 - Jack Russell Terrier


Jack Russell Terrier With Ball in Mouth


The Jack Russell Terrier is a 13-17 pound dog that certainly requires daily exercise. This is not just a recommendation, without their exercise, they will become restless and can turn your house upside down in the blink of an eye.

8 - Weimaraner


Weimaraner Dog


The Weimaraner will make a great family pet for any owner that can keep up with their high-strung nature. The breeds' initial purpose was to serve as a hunting dog that could take on large animals such as deer, wolves, and even bears. For these kinds of jobs, the dog needed to have an excessively high energy level and a great degree of stamina. 

7 - Boxer 


Boxer Dog



Boxers are often used for police/search and rescue related work as they are very trainable and love having a job to do. Their highly energetic nature allows them to thrive in an environment where work needs to be done. Their high energy needs to be taken into consideration before bringing one of these pups home, as they will certainly require daily exercise.

6 - Belgian Malinois


Belgian Malinois


Saying that the Belgian Malinois is high in energy is truly an understatement. This dog will go with you on your 10km morning run, and while you’re panting for air by the end of it, they’ll be wondering why the warm-up was so short that day. The Malinois truly has an incredible stamina level and will love nothing more than going out on a long hike in nature with their people. 

5 - Vizsla


Vizsla Dog Breed


The dog that is always ready to run. The highly energetic Vizsla requires tons of exercise every single day. They are better suited for active families that can meet their exercise needs otherwise they can quickly become destructive. These dogs were developed in Hungary and were used by hunters as pointers/retrievers.

4 - Dalmatian


Dalmatian Dog


The Dalmatian basically has unlimited energy. Their exact origin is not entirely clear, but they have mainly been used throughout history to run alongside horses in all kinds of scenarios. Keeping up with a horse for a long distance is no small feat, and an incredible amount of stamina is necessary.

3 - Siberian Husky


Siberian husky


Typically weighing between 35-60 pounds, these medium-sized dogs are powerful, athletic, and jam-packed with energy. The Siberian Husky is not the kind of dog that will cope with being bored at home all day, they will flip your house upside down in an instant if not given enough exercise.

2 - Australian Shepherd


Australian Shepherd Dog


One of the most versatile dog breeds that exist today. The high energy and working mentality of the Australian Shepherd allow them to excel in competitive dog sports, police-related work and even thrive as guidance dogs.

1 - Border Collie


Border collie Dog


The workaholic nature of the Border Collie can be a handful for owners. This is not the type of breed that will be happy to cuddle on the couch all day, they need to be stimulated mentally and physically. Their herding instinct is not something that can be trained out of them. They will try to control squirrels, children and can even chase after cars.


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