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Meet the Smartest Dogs in The World - Top 10 Breeds

10 Jan, 2023

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Dogs are widely considered among the most intelligent animals in the world, but certain dogs are simply a cut above the rest. The dogs on this list excel in many different areas, which has resulted in them working very closely with humans throughout the years. Some of these dogs excel in therapy, military and police work, farm-related work, and many other fields. The most incredible aspect of how they work alongside their human counterparts is fully understanding that they have a mission to complete. It is not without reason that humans and dogs have been so closely interconnected throughout the years, as we form a great team. Let's have a look at some of the most intelligent dog breeds on the planet and what kind of exciting work they have done with people. 

Australian Cattle Dog


Australian cattle dog

Australian Cattle Dogs (ACD) are very high-energy dogs, and they are also extremely intelligent. The ACD, also known as a Blue or Red Heeler depending on the color of the coat, is a herding dog developed by Australian farmers in the early 19th century. These dogs are one of the hardest working and toughest breeds to exist and will often work through injuries without their owners knowing.

Labrador Retriever


Labrador Retriever dog

Labrador Retrievers were originally used by fishermen in northern Canada, where they helped reel in fishing nets from the sea. These dogs are very intelligent, and training them isn't usually an issue. This breed has one of the best senses of smell and is frequently used in essential roles such as bomb detection in the military, search-and-rescue missions, and many more.

Doberman Pinscher


Doberman Pinscher Dog

The Dobie is a natural guard dog. This means they have a strong, fearless character and will protect their families and homes at all costs. These pups are relatively large, typically weighing between 60-80 pounds, so they are quite capable of handling just about any threat. These dogs are highly energetic working dogs and, at the same time, are super intelligent. They need to be active both mentally and physically, otherwise, they will become bored. All of us dog owners know the result of a bored dog, yup, you guessed it, some torn-up shoes!

Golden Retriever


Golden Retriever Dog

The history of this dog breed began in Scotland. The breed's purpose was to create the ideal retriever for hunters, and the Golden Retriever certainly lived up to the expectations. They were used primarily for retrieving ducks and other fowl and are capable of doing so on both land and water. Not many dogs are as friendly and outgoing as the Golden, making them excellent therapy dogs as well. Their presence alone is comforting, and you will never feel alone with this doggo around.

German Shepherd


German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd is incredibly intelligent and capable of just about any task you train it to perform. These pups will be as loyal as they come toward their owners and will always be ready to protect them at all costs. While notorious for police/military work, such as searching for drugs, these dogs are also commonly used as guidance/therapy dogs. In recent history, the German Shepherd became especially famous for bravely combing through the ruins after the 9/11 attacks to assist in locating survivors.

Border Collie


Border collie dog

The Border Collie originated somewhere in the United Kingdom around the 1700s. Their unique ability to control sheep was priceless for farmers. They are known for their intense stare, which can control sheep to move in the exact direction they desire. Owners of these dogs often describe a sixth sense from their Border Collies. This manifests itself when it seems as though your dog knows what you want to ask from them before you even ask it. They are known to be one of (if not the most) intelligent breeds.




The Schipperke is among the most intelligent dogs but is also considered to be among the most stubborn dogs. The combination of these traits can make training extremely difficult, and the Schipperke requires an owner ready to dedicate a lot of consistent effort. In addition, the breed was used as a watchdog, most recognized for guarding boats docked in the canals between Brussels and Antwerp. The Schipperke also made an excellent ratter, and they can keep themselves entertained by chasing after small critters in the garden.

Belgian Malinois


two Belgian malinois

These mid-sized dogs originated in the 1800s from Malines, Belgium, hence their name. They were initially bred to herd but have become extremely popular as military and police dogs. Their intelligence, speed, stamina, and overall drive to work make them the ideal candidate. The Malinois truly has an incredible stamina level and will love nothing more than going out on a long hike in nature with their people. If you take them on a hike, you will notice that they will always lead the way, and you will rarely see them veer off the trail.

Shetland Sheepdog


Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog, more commonly known as a "Sheltie," is a herding dog from the Shetland Islands in Northern Scotland. These days, you can see Shelties dominating obedience and agility competitions because of their extreme intelligence and athletic ability. This dog is considered to be among the most intelligent breeds, and it certainly shows. They need to be mentally stimulated often, otherwise, they will quickly become bored. It is incredible to see how fast this dog can learn new commands. There is little that the Sheltie cannot do. Training these dogs and making them work is a must, as this is what Shelties are designed to do!



Toy poodle Dog Breed

It is not without reason that Poodles excel in dog shows. These dogs are one of the most intelligent breeds in the world. They are highly trainable and love being given a task to do. While these dogs often look pampered, don't let this fool you. This is one of the most ancient breeds and was initially bred to retrieve waterfowl for hunters. Their name was derived from the German word "pudel," which translates to "splash in the water."


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