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10 weird things that scare dogs

06 Mar, 2023

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Are you a dog owner who's ever wondered what goes on in your furry friend's mind? Well, prepare to be amazed, amused, and slightly confused - because today, we're exploring the strange and wonderful world of canine fears. Whether it be the biggest dogs in the world, or the smallest, they probably all have at least one strange thing they are scared of. From their own reflections, to sneezes, dogs have a way of surprising us with their phobias. So, sit back, relax, and get ready to discover the 10 weirdest things dogs are scared of - it's bound to be a tail-waggin' good time!


Dog Hiding Under Bed


10. Shadows

Yes, that is right. Our fierce protectors are often scared of their own shadows. The sudden appearance and movement of shadows can be scary to dogs, especially if they are unsure what is causing them.

9. Umbrellas

Do you think that your pup runs quickly when you throw a frisbee? Wait until you pop open an umbrella and see your fur friend sprint for cover! An umbrella's sudden opening and closing can startle dogs and make them feel threatened.


Chihuahua Being Held


8. Bicycles

Trying to take a bike ride with your dog? With most pups, this will turn out poorly. For some dogs, just the sight of a bicycle is enough to make them pedal in the opposite direction. The speed and size of bikes can be intimidating to some dogs, especially if they have yet to be exposed to them before.

7. Skateboards

Dogs are like skateboarders' worst critics - they'll bark at every trick and let you know if you've failed to impress! A skateboard's fast movements and unpredictable direction can be scary to dogs.


Dog Scared of Hot Air Balloon


6. Balloons

Who needs a clown to scare off dogs when you have a balloon? Watch as your furry friend runs in terror from the terrifying floating orb! The popping sound of a balloon can be frightening to dogs, and some dogs may also be scared of the object itself.


5. Statues

If dogs could talk, they'd tell you that statues are just a bunch of posers - always trying to one-up them with their stone-cold stare. Some dogs may fear statues or other inanimate objects resembling humans or animals.

4. Hats

Dogs have a bone to pick with hats - they're not sure why their owners need to wear them, but they know they don't want any part of it. Some dogs can become frightened when their owners wear hats, as they may not recognize them and see them as a threat.


Dog Hiding Under Couch


3. Fireworks

To dogs, fireworks are like the ultimate prank - they light up the sky, make loud noises, and then disappear without a trace, leaving your furry friend wondering what the heck just happened. The loud explosions and bright flashes of fireworks can be very frightening to dogs.


2. Halloween Masks

When it comes to Halloween masks, dogs are like little detectives trying to solve the case of the missing face - they'll sniff around, tilt their heads, and bark until they get to the bottom of it. Dogs may be afraid of masks or costumes that cover people's faces, as they may not recognize them and perceive them as a threat.


Dog Scared of Vacuum


1. Vacuum cleaners

Dogs may have a lot of things to be thankful for, but vacuum cleaners are definitely not one of them - they're loud, they're obnoxious, and they leave your furry friend feeling like they're under attack from a giant, noisy monster. A vacuum cleaner's loud noise and sudden movements can be terrifying to dogs.