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Barking Dogs Join the Danish Chamber Orchestra to perform Mozart

05 Sep, 2023

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For anyone wondering why these dogs are so off-tune, there is an answer to that. The music festival took place in Copenhagen, Denmark. This particular classical piece is a work by Leopold Mozart, the father of his more famous son Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart. 


Mozart, the composer, wanted a part of the symphony to be accompanied by the sound of baying hounds. So yes, if you were thinking to yourself, "these dogs seem to be pretty off-tune," that is the point. The chief conductor, Adam Fischer, wanted to honor the composer's wish and brought these dogs onboard.


Interestingly, dozens of dogs auditioned for this role, and in the end, Cookie, Sophus, and Sica were chosen for their barking abilities and went through three months of training for the role. While many dogs can bark on command, the true test for these pups was to remain silent for the rest of the performance when they were no longer needed.