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Delta Lost Passenger’s Dog And Compensated Her $1800

06 Sep, 2023

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For dog owners, losing your dog is an unbearable thought. Our dogs are our family members in every way, and we would do anything to keep them safe. For Paula Rodriguez, the unimaginable happened, and she did not reunite with her dog on her flight from the Dominican Republic to Atlanta.


When Rodriguez landed in Atlanta, she was denied entry into the country and was required to spend a night in a detention center without her pup. Spending the night without knowing the whereabouts and safety of her dog must have been challenging enough, and then even worse, she later learned that her dog had escaped from the kennel and was missing. 


Rodriguez flew back to the Dominican Republic, knowing that her dog was nowhere to be found. For now, Delta has offered Rodriguez $1,800 for the loss, but they said this was not compensation. The whole situation is a nightmare for any dog owner. Should Delta be held more accountable for this mishap?