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How DogPack is reuniting lost dogs with their family

07 Feb, 2023


Every year, millions of dogs go missing in the world. These days, microchipping your pet is the method of choice for many dog owners to ensure their pets don't go missing. However, the issue of finding lost dogs still persists, along with spreading the word about a missing dog. Thousands of dog owners are using the DogPack App in many locations, and this presents the opportunity to use the community we have built to help reunite missing dogs with their owners. 

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DogPack users love visiting off-leash dog parks and trails, which is likely an area in which a missing dog might end up. If the worst has happened and a dog has gone missing, a DogPack user can use the "Lost Dogs" Feed in the App to create a custom shareable poster with all their dog's information and the user's contact details. The poster will be displayed on the Lost Dogs Feed for everyone to see, however, most importantly, it will be shown in the "Near Me" section to dog owners close to the location where the dog was last seen. This allows dog owners in the area to keep an eye out for stray dogs and to have the dog's information close by to identify it.

Another exciting aspect of the 'Lost Dogs' Feed is the share button on the post itself. DogPack users can easily share the customized poster to any social media platform so that even more people in the area where the dog was last seen can keep an eye out. The hope is that DogPack users will band together to spread the word as much as possible so that the dog will be reunited with their family quickly.

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Another option to further increase awareness is for an individual to 'Boost' their Lost Dog post to all the dog owners near the location where the dog was last seen. This means that all dog owners in the designated area will receive a push notification notifying them that a dog has gone missing. So if your dog has gone missing, you can immediately notify hundreds, if not thousands, of dog owners in your area in a matter of minutes. Locating a missing dog becomes harder and harder as time passes, so this functionality offers the option to notify many people quickly.

Once a dog is located and reunited with their owner, the DogPack team will switch the dog's status to "found" so that all the people who helped can be notified. There is so much that can be accomplished when people work together, and we believe the DogPack community will help reunite tons of dogs with their owners! 

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