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French Bulldogs are the Most Popular Dog in 2023

21 Mar, 2023

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The French Bulldog is now the most popular dog breed in the USA, passing the Labrador Retriever. This is especially shocking, as the Lab has been in the #1 spot since 1991, more than 30 years! The French Bulldog is an incredible dog breed with a unique appearance, but what is the reason behind their popularity skyrocketing in recent years, boosting them into the leading position. We will list the 5 reasons why we believe the Frenchie is now the most popular dog breed.


French bulldog



#5 - They Are Compact


Since so many dog breeds are compact, we list this reason as number 5. The French Bulldog is a small dog weighing between 16-28 pounds. In today's day and age, it has become increasingly difficult to purchase a large property, making apartment living more and more common. Let's compare this to the Labrador Retriever, the previous most popular dog breed. The Frenchie is a lot easier to manage in a small setting. The Labrador is a larger dog, weighing up to 80 pounds with tons of energy, which can be challenging to handle in a small living space. The Frenchie, on the other hand, is a small pup that requires daily exercise but on a much smaller scale. For a Frenchie, a good exercise session can even be done within your house by throwing their favorite toy back and forth and having them chase after it.

#4 - Appearance


French bulldog


The appearance of the French Bulldog is nothing short of classic. These dogs are easily recognizable from a mile away, making them very noticeable to passers on the street. Their distinct look is almost a marketing tool in itself. People who see them in the streets will also desire to have one. The Frenchie is also extremely playful, so they instantly make a stranger fall in love with them. The Labrador Retriever is also undoubtedly recognizable; however, less experienced dog owners can mistake them for other types of retriever breeds. The Frenchie, on the other hand, is unmistakable.


#3 - More Responsible Breeding


There has been a lot of criticism of breeders trying to give the Frenchie a distinct look that essentially pushes in their noses and, consequently, gives the dog breathing problems. Most dog owners would shy away from this look as they would not want to promote the breeding of a dog with health issues. Thankfully, responsible breeding is on the rise these days, resulting in a line of healthier French Bulldogs with properly structured faces that are not as prone to these terrible breathing issues. Dog owners that were previously shying away from owning this dog breed for health reasons no longer have this contemplation, which certainly contributed to their increase in popularity.


#2 - Social Media and Public Figures


With the rise of social media, certain dog breeds have gained popularity through Instagram and other platforms. French Bulldogs have become a social media sensation, with many popular accounts featuring the breed. French Bulldogs have been popular with celebrities for many years, with stars like Lady Gaga, Hugh Jackman, and Chrissy Teigen owning the breed. Celebrity endorsement can have a significant impact on a breed's popularity.

#1 - They Are an Awesome Dog Breed


French Bulldog


Among all the reasons behind the Frenchie's recent growth in popularity, their amazing characteristics are still the number one driving factor that promotes the demand for them. The French Bulldog is known to be one of the best companion dogs in the world. These dogs will become highly attached to their owners and shower them with love and affection. The Frenchie makes an unbelievable companion if this is what you are looking for. They are the type of dog that will follow you into every and any room, yes, even if you don't have treats in your hand. These cute doggies have such a fantastic playful nature and are truly a friend to all.


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