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The Friendliest Companion Dogs in the World - Top 10 Breeds

22 Jan, 2023

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Making a new dog friend is incredible! Once you get to know a new pup and they get to know you, they will recognize you forever and always be excited to see you. Some dogs, however, are much friendlier than others and especially enjoy being around people. All the dogs on this list love receiving pets and cuddles, which is why most can also thrive as therapy dogs. Being in the presence of a happy dog displaying affection will quickly boost one's mood and put a big smile on their face. However, if you are looking for a guard dog, the dogs on this list are unlikely to be the ideal candidates. If an intruder broke into your home, the odds of these dogs greeting them with a tail wag and a lick on the face is far greater than any aggressive behavior!



This compact hound dog is a happy, fun-loving pup. Beagles are very active companions packed with energy. If you own one of these pups, you know how difficult it is to say no to them. They have a soft, pleading expression that almost forces you to give them more treats. They also have big appetites, so try your best not to go bankrupt with these little guys around!

Labrador Retriever

Labrador Retriever dog

Labrador Retrievers are extremely friendly dogs and are the most popular breed in North America. Due to their gentle and nonaggressive nature, they make excellent family pets and are very well-behaved around young children. But, most importantly of all, Labs make unbelievable assistance and guide dogs.

Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

Cavalier king charles spaniel Dog

This breed is best known today as a wonderful companion dog that will display endless amounts of affection toward its family. The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel adores being with its people and will follow them from room to room.

Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Staffordshire Bull Terrier Dog

The "Staffy," as many refer to them, are gentle dogs with soft personalities. They are highly affectionate with their families and are known to be excellent with children. These dogs are so loving that they are often used as therapy dogs. They have a happy, enthusiastic demeanor that will always put you in a great mood.

Boston Terrier

Boston terrier Dog

While the Boston Terrier was initially bred to be a fighting dog, they are far from fighters today. Instead, these 10-25 pound pups are known to be one of the most gentle and affectionate breeds and love being in the company of people. Any Boston Terrier owner will tell you that the best part about owning them is the amount of love that they give. They will quickly become your best pal from the moment you bring them home and will always remain loyal. 

Irish Setter

Irish Setter Dog

The Irish Setter makes an excellent companion and is best known for its happy, fun-loving nature. Their intelligence, combined with their friendly personalities, makes them incredible therapy dogs as well. They can often be found putting a smile on some children's faces at the hospital or perhaps entertaining some elderly people in a retirement home. 

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

Pembroke Welsh Corgi

These pups make excellent family companions and are very lovable. So it is no surprise that they are among the most popular breeds! When taking them for a walk, expect people to pay tons of attention to your cute fur friend, and your Corgi will enjoy every second of it!

Golden Retriever

Golden Retriever Dog

Not many dogs are as friendly and outgoing as the Golden, making them excellent therapy dogs as well. Their presence alone is comforting, and you will never feel alone with this doggo around.


newfoundland dog

This gentle giant is hard not to love. The Newfoundland is so sweet and friendly towards everyone they meet; they are Canadian, after all. This giant teddy bear makes a fantastic family pet. They have a particular affinity for children and will act as their protectors at all times.


Cockapoo running

This dog's even temperament is unique, and it is difficult to be in a bad mood with these pups around. They have an extremely happy attitude, and their love for life is very contagious. Of course, the Cockapoo will demand a lot of love and affection from their people, but you can be sure they will return the favor tenfold!


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