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A Guide to Getting in Shape with Your Dog in 2024

26 Dec, 2023

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New year, new you? For many of us, the new year sparks a desire for self-improvement and healthier habits. 2024 is just around the corner, and for those of us who have a dog - getting in better shape can actually be fun! This guide is designed to help you incorporate your dog into your fitness routine in 2024. Exercise does not need to be a solitary task, especially when you have a furry friend at home who will be thrilled to do anything as long as it is with you!

Girl hiking with dog


Partner Workouts With Your Dog

There are tons of different exercises that you can do with your dog by your side. Jogging, walking, and hiking are all incredible calorie burners that your dog will love. Doing the exercise with your dog certainly makes it more pleasant and will be a great bonding experience for you and your pup! There are even many dog-friendly swimming spots listed on the DogPack App, which is another great exercise option that you can do with your dog!


Change It Up

Taking your dog to the same park and walking route daily becomes boring and tedious. Finding new spots to walk and hike with your dog can be critical to staying with your fitness goals. It will make sure that your exercise with your dog does not become dull and unenjoyable. Take a look at the DogPack App map in your area to see all of the dog-friendly parks and hiking trails near you. Use this resource to ensure that you are changing the locations of your exercise routine as much as possible.


Take Your Dog Out To Play

While playing fetch with your dog might seem like exercise for your dog only, it is also great for you. Find an open field nearby and throw their favorite toy all over. Check your steps after you finish the play session, and you will be shocked at how many steps you took without even noticing. In addition, throwing toys such as a frisbee or ball is also a great exercise in itself. Your dog will be thrilled, too, as they will enjoy nothing more than running in an open field and playing with their best friend!


Track Your Progress And Monitor Fitness Goals

If you get into the routine of taking longer walks with your dog, try and continuously extend the duration of every walk you do. You will notice that the walks will become easier on your body as your fitness improves! By tracking your progress over time, you will be motivated to keep improving. As you improve, you can include more difficult exercises, such as jogging and hiking, into your weekly routine. Remember that new fitness habits take a long time to become a permanent routine. Don't try to push yourself 110% every day. Build a routine by starting at an easy pace and slowly increasing the difficulty when you feel ready. Over time, you will notice the fitness of both you and your dog improving!


Community Engagement: Joining Dog-Friendly Fitness Circles

Exercising with a group of like-minded dog lovers can be a huge help in maintaining a motivated mindset. Here are some different dog communities that would be great to get involved in to get in better shape!

Dog-Friendly Fitness Events

These could include organized dog walks, charity runs, or marathons where participants are encouraged to bring their dogs. These events often support causes related to animal welfare or health and offer a fantastic opportunity to exercise while socializing with other dog lovers.

Group Dog Training Sessions

Some fitness circles arrange group training sessions that involve both owners and dogs. These sessions might focus on agility training, obedience, or specific fitness routines tailored for dogs and their owners.

Dog-Friendly Exercise Classes

Gyms or fitness centers occasionally host classes that accommodate dogs, such as "doga" (yoga with dogs), dog-friendly aerobics, or circuit training where dogs participate in specific exercises alongside their owners.

Dog-Friendly Parks and Trails Meetups

Some groups organize regular meetups at dog-friendly parks or trails for group walks, hikes, or runs. These outings provide a chance to socialize, exchange advice, and enjoy outdoor activities with fellow dog owners and their pets.



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