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The Rarest Dog Breeds in The World - Top 5 Breeds

24 Nov, 2022

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Hundreds of dog breeds exist, so it is no surprise that most of us do not know them all. Some of the dogs on this list are extremely rare, and there is a good chance that you will never see one in person. These dogs are from various regions of the world and have fascinating histories. Let’s see how many of them you already know!




Barbet Dog

​​The Barbet is one of the rarest dog breeds today. There are only an estimated 600 of them worldwide, and no more than 40 of them in the US. Interestingly, this is also one of the oldest dog breeds dating back to roughly the 8th century. The name of this doggo originates from the French word “barbe” (beard) due to their bearded face.

Estrela  Mountain Dog


Estrela Mountain Dog

This purebred dog originated in the Estrela Mountains of Portugal and is one of the oldest dogs in the region. The breed is referred to as “Cao da Serra de Estrela” from within the region and is also sometimes referred to as the “Portuguese Shepherd.” They were primarily owned by farmers and shepherds and were used for herding and guarding. The Estrela Mountain Dog could fend off foxes and other large predators which made them a vital asset for farmers in the region who kept livestock.



Ganaraskan Dog

​​The Ganaraskan is a breed that most people are not familiar with. While they are not considered to be an official breed at the moment, they are quickly gaining popularity due to all of their outstanding traits. The Gannie was originally developed in the late 1970s by a group of breeders from Ontario. The goal of this breed was to create the ideal therapy dog. This dog has become a great therapy dog, but they have also gained popularity as family/companion dogs.


Otterhound Dog

The Otterhound has been around for over 500 years, however, there are only an estimated 1000 of them worldwide. This rare breed was initially used in England for hunting otters, hence their name. There was an ongoing problem in England where the otters were demolishing the fish population, and the Otterhound was the solution. These dogs are believed to have descended from the Bloodhound, meaning that they have a remarkable sense of smell. This breed also has webbed feet, which assist them in their hunt in water.



Mudi Dog

The breed is still primarily found only in its native country of Hungary. It is considered one of the rarest breeds and estimated that only a few thousand exist. The Mudi is a herding type dog that is highly versatile. They are capable of just about any task that you give them. These highly trainable pups can excel at herding, guarding, obedience competitions, search and rescue, and just about any other doggo job that exists!




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