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Formosan Dog Rescue Story

26 Dec, 2022

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We recently sent a DogPack newsletter to some of our amazing doggy parents, asking for stories about their rescued or adopted pups. We'll be sharing many stories here on our blog and wanted to start with this incredible one from DogPack user @Carlos_Santana from Vancouver, B.C., who emailed us the story of Fanta, the Formosan Mountain Dog.

Formosan Mountain Dog

"We adopted our little black Formosan Mountain Dog baby in May 2017. Her name is Fanta, chosen by the WONDERFUL rescue organization Coogo (located in Vancouver, BC). Her litter were all given "Soda Pop" names. We'd already begun to associate her as Fanta, so how could we possibly change it?

We are some of the lucky few who know her actual birthdate! The foster mom in Taiwan had been watching Fanta's mom and earning her trust. The day she went to go rescue her was the day she gave birth! Unfortunately, that meant that Fanta spent a little while on the streets, as the rescuer wanted to let the mother wean the puppies and didn't want to startle her during her natural protective state." 

Formosan Mountain Dog

"Fanta flew some 14 hours to be with us, and our lives have been touched ever since. She is extremely intelligent, protective and loving with her family. Very wary of strangers, but once you make it in the club, oh my goodness, will you ever feel special! Easily trained and the perfect hiking, chilling, travel, everything dog, we are so glad she entered our lives."

Stories like Fanta's warm our hearts, and we can not get enough of them. If you have a unique story of your own you would like to share with DogPack users around the globe, send us an email at [email protected], and we will be happy to help publicize it to the world! 


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