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The Reason Why Some Dogs Howl

14 Dec, 2022

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If your dog is howling a lot, there is a good chance that (a) you have a Husky and (b) you have made some neighbours quite unhappy. These long howls can be heard from long distances, especially by fellow doggos with a far more acute sense of hearing than humans. One theory regarding dogs' howling is that it is a technique for communicating with both humans and other dogs alike. This trait can, of course, be seen in wolves and is a method by which they would communicate with other wolves, which strengthens the evidence that dogs use it for the same purpose. So if dogs are howling to communicate with us, what are they trying to say?


Confused Dog


Separation Anxiety


Sad golden retriever

As we know, our dogs get pretty attached to us. We provide them with their essentials on a daily basis, and they simply would not know life without us. While taking our dogs with us anywhere we go sounds like a great idea, it is not always possible. When we shut the front door behind them and say goodbye, many dogs experience separation anxiety. They become lonely and sometimes communicate this loneliness through howling. This is seen often in many dog breeds, and very commonly in Alaskan Malamutes. Leaving your pup with a slow feeding toy at their disposal may distract them enough to reduce the howling. One trick you can do is leave them with a chew stick before leaving them on their own for a couple of hours. When it comes to missing you vs. enjoying a delicious chew stick - we all know which one our pups are choosing. Another important aspect to remember is that it is critical to get your dog used to being alone sometimes from when they are puppies. If they can learn to be on their own for extended periods from when they are puppies, the separation anxiety that they will feel will be reduced significantly.

Time for a Visit to the Vet


If your dog is howling non-stop, even when you are at home with them, it may be a good idea to bring them to the vet for a checkup. This type of constant behaviour, especially for no apparent reason, can indicate that your dog is in pain or has some medical issue. Unfortunately, if the vet tells you everything is okay, there may not be an easy solution to reducing the amount of howling. The instinct is their primal wolf instincts coming out, which can not always be done away with training.



dog with firetruck in background

Dogs have an acute sense of hearing and often hear things we do not. Howling may be a reaction to one of these sounds. However, the reason why they do it is not so apparent. Common sounds that trigger this howling behaviour are a loud siren, musical instruments, or higher-pitched noise. One theory regarding howling as a reaction to sounds is that they are attempting to alert their people of potential danger. It is certainly nice of my dog to warn me, but it would be great if they didn't warn me every day at 5 in the morning!


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