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4 Reasons Why You Need a Golden Retriever

01 Dec, 2022

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The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. These pups were originally bred in Scotland for hunters with the purpose of retrieving ducks and other fowl from the land or the water! Today, Golden Retrievers have mostly transitioned from being fierce hunters to being friendly and gentle family dogs (the warmth of a sofa would have anyone make that transition if we're being honest)! Here are 4 reasons why a Golden Retriever is the golden dog for you!


Golden Retriever


They Are Loyal To Their Family


Golden retriever Smiling

There's a reason why Golden Retrievers are so commonly known to be family dogs. Once a "Golden" gets attached to its family, they stay loyal to them forever. As a former hunting dog, Goldens have worked side by side with humans for many years and have lived alongside them for just as long. Also, this may just be my opinion, but Golden Retrievers are adorable, so I'm sure the plenty of treats and belly rubs they get are undoubtedly an incentive to stick by their families' sides! 

They Are Friendly


golden retriever playing with another dog

To say that Golden Retrievers are not the best guard dogs is certainly an understatement! If you're looking for a dog to take on an intruder, you may want to consider a Belgian Malinois, an Australian Shepherd, a Rottweiler, or one of the many other dogs known for their guarding abilities. As for your Golden Retriever, it will probably greet your intruder with many friendly tail wags and a smiling face. Although perhaps not great guard dogs, Goldens will bring so much joy into your life with their friendly demeanor and silly antics that you will thank them every day for being in your life. Guests will also love coming over to your home, but don't be jealous of your golden Golden if they are the center of attention the whole time! 

They Are Great With Other Dogs

Just like any other dog, Golden Retrievers need their daily exercise. Dog parks are great for your Golden as they get along great with all dogs and rarely get into fights. Your Golden will most likely just be happy to meet new dogs and make lifelong friends. Being a retriever dog, Goldens will also do great just being in a large open field playing a game of fetch with a tennis ball or a frisbee. Whether you're looking for a full or an empty dog park to take your Golden Retriever to, the DogPack app is a great resource, as you can get a good idea of how many dogs are at any dog park at any given time!

You Don't Mind The Shedding

Most dogs shed their fur. That is a well-known fact. But when it comes to Golden Retrievers, there may be no other dog that sheds more than them. So don't be surprised if you find loose dog hair on your floor, car, clothes, or just about anywhere else your Golden may wander to. Even though Golden Retrievers sometimes give off the illusion of having endless fur, they still remain one of the most popular dog breeds in the world. Their love of cuddles, having fun, their silly facial expressions, and their beautiful appearance make their shedding an afterthought for most dog owners. After all, your Golden Retriever's shedding can always be cleaned up, but the love they give is irreplaceable!


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