How do I Suggest a Missing Dog Park?

If you notice a dog park missing from the map, you can suggest it, and the admin team will add it within 24 hours. Once your suggestion is approved, you will earn 500 treats to use in The Store section! To suggest, start by clicking on the home icon in the top right corner of the page.

Home Button

Proceed by clicking on the 'Suggest A Park' Button at the top of the page.

Suggest a Park Button

Place the red pin on the location of the missing dog park, and then click on the pin to fill in the details. Once you have filled in the details, click "Save," and the dog park suggestion will be sent to the admin team for a quick review. You will receive a notification once the park that you suggested gets approved.

Suggest a Dog Park


There is also the option to Suggest a Park directly from the Map Screen of the App by clicking on the black Pin as shown in the screenshot below.

suggest a park black pin