How do I Tag a Dog in a Feed Post?

The first requirement for tagging a dog in one of your posts is that they must be part of your Network. Before tagging a dog, ensure you are following their profile. To tag a dog in your post, open the ‘Add Post’ section by clicking on the green + button at the bottom of the screen. In the ‘Tag Dogs’ area of this page, begin writing the name or username of the dog you wish to tag. Next, you will see a box with users related to your search. Click on the relevant dog you want to tag in your post.


Tag a Dog on the DogPack Feed


Once you select the dog you would like to tag, you will see its name appear in a Green Box, which is how you know the process was successful. Finish the process by posting the content on The Feed with the ‘Post’ button. The same steps would apply if you would like to Tag multiple dogs in one post.


tag a dog in a feed post