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Gaining Maximum Exposure by Listing Your Business with DogPack

When you list your dog business on the DogPack App and Website, thousands of local dog owners in your area will see your business listing every single day. With the purchase of our plans, we will also send custom in-app notifications and email blasts with a description of your awesome business and a link to your website to all the dog owners within a 12-mile (20 km) radius of your business pin location. You can choose when to send the notifications and emails, and provide the content! Additonally, with the purchase of a plan, you receive credit to our online store. The amount of credit that you receive depends on the plan that you select, you can see all these details on the plans page. Purchasing one of our subscription plans gets you a large Golden Pin on our App and Website, where potential customers can see all of your company information and contact details. Additionally, your custom website URL will be indexed on Google. Having your page indexed means that potential customers can discover you on Google search results from the custom URL that you will have. Our website URL's rank very high on search engines, and we currently have ~85,000 web visitors every month. With custom emails, custom notifications, a pin on the map, and a custom URL on our website we can guarantee that dog owners in your area will get to know all about your business and will have the information needed to contact you to book an appointment.


          Your Gold Pin on the App Map                   



Exposure through our Mobile App

The DogPack App was initially created to help dog owners discover dog-friendly parks and trails nearby and to create a social community for dog owners. As a dog walker and trainer myself, I would always get asked "Which park are you going to today", "When are you at the park today", and "With which dogs will you be there?" I knew there had to be a better way!

Dog owners are using DogPack to make the daily task of having the best time possible with your dog easier than ever. Due to popular demand, we now offer the 'Business Pins' feature which helps dog owners locate dog-friendly services nearby. Your large Golden Pin will be seen by all dog owners within 60 miles (100 KMs) of your location every time they open the map. When you list on the DogPack App, you will supercharge your business and gain many new customers! Your contact information, social media links, and website will be accessible to the individual using the app. Once someone from the app contacts you, we'll leave that to you two and stay out of your business. DogPack never charges any middleman fee. You pay for your pin, get new clients, and keep doing you. If you're a groomer, trainer, walker, sitter, daycare, breeder, veterinarian, private dog park, or any other dog-friendly service, this service was made with you in mind. Fill up your schedule; more dogs means more money, and with more money, we can get more dogs…you get the idea. 


One of the most effective ways of getting dog owners to contact you is having many reviews on the platform. We recommend asking former or current clients to leave you a review of their experience with your service. Reviews can be submitted from either the app or the website, and all reviews will display across both platforms. Below is an example of how a user on our app will see your contact details when they click on your pin. As shown in the images, your description and images will clearly display. All of your social media links, website link, and phone number will be clickable on your page. This means that along with new customers, you will get more traction on your social media pages as well.


              Your Full Page on the App

 Business App Page

                  All of your Clickable Links

Business contact details


Exposure Through our Website

The benefits you will gain from being listed on our Website are plentiful. Firstly, you will be listed on our Dog Service Map, and any dog owner looking for this service in your area will be able to discover you. You can add up to 6 services that you offer on your page, and each one will be expertly indexed on Google by the DogPack team. Next time someone searches 'Dog trainer near me' or 'Dog walker in X', your page will rank higher at the top of the search results. The next significant advantage is that you will have your own personal URL on the DogPack app Website, which we will index to Google. This means people can discover your page on the DogPack Website while browsing Google Search. Your contact information, website, and social media links will be embedded in your listing, which is excellent for your SEO (Search Engine Optimization). See the images below for how your pin on our Website map and personal page on our Website will appear. Once again, we always recommend getting as many reviews on your pages as possible, as this will significantly improve the amount of traffic your webpage will generate.


                                        Your Business Pin on the Website Map

pin on website


          Your Business Page on the Website with a custom URL and contact links clickable

business page on website


With regard to the information on your website and app page, this is all entered upon signing up. That being said, you can reach out to us anytime for revisions you would like to make, and we will make the change within 24 hours. DogPack is dedicated to constantly marketing our App and Website, so you can be confident that your business pin will be seen by new faces daily. Head back over to the Plans Page and start your journey of growing your dog business today.

If you have any questions, or need more info feel free to Contact Us.