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Top 5 Military & Police Dogs

07 Dec, 2022

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5. Giant Schnauzer


Giant Schnauzer

This breed is part of the class of working dogs. Giant Schnauzers are incredibly intelligent and thrive on having a task to perform, even if that means holding a stick during their daily walks. The combination of their intelligence and drive made this breed an excellent option for German police dogs in the early 1900s. The only reason they never became popular as US police dogs is... well… the German Shepherd beat them to it.

4. Beagle



Interestingly, the Beagle is widely used today in airports across the world. This is because they have an acute sense of smell and can sniff out contraband while people are passing through, but at the same time do not intimidate anyone due to their small size. This is a plus for keeping people calm and also often catches people off guard. For example, a German Shepherd is a clear danger sign which will have smugglers turning around immediately, but the Beagle, often unnoticed, catches them with their pants down.

3. Irish Wolfhound


Irish Wolfhound Dog

This ancient dog breed originated in Ireland. They were initially used as war dogs, where their job would be pulling men off horses and chariots. Their height, combined with their power, allowed them to hunt large prey such as deer, boar, and wolves. The original Irish Wolfhounds were nothing short of ferocious and were admired by many throughout their history. The “Great Hound of Ireland” was so prized that Irish law permitted only kings and noblemen to own them. They were often offered as gifts between powerful rulers.

2. German Shepherd


German Shepherd Dog

​​The German Shepherd is incredibly intelligent and capable of just about any task you train it to perform. These pups will be as loyal as they come toward their owners and will always be ready to protect them at all costs. While notorious for police & military work, such as searching for drugs, these dogs are also commonly used as guidance & therapy dogs. In recent history, the German Shepherd became especially famous for bravely searching through the ruins after the 9/11 attacks to assist in locating survivors. If you are a thief, it is probably not in your best interest to enter an enclosure guarded by a German Shepherd. Weighing up to 95 pounds of pure muscle, this animal is fearless and will not shy away from protecting its territory. 

1. Belgian Malinois


Belgian Malinois Dog

These mid-sized dogs originated in the 1800s from Malines, Belgium, hence their name. They were initially bred to herd but have become extremely popular as military & police dogs. The intelligence, speed, stamina, and overall drive to work make the Belgian Malinois the ideal candidate for this kind of work. They are slowly replacing dogs like the German Shepherd in the military as their smaller size, weighing 40-85 pounds, makes them a lot more versatile and far less likely to have hip problems.


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